01. The [siege] of the town lasted until the people finally ran out of food, and had to surrender.
02. Over a million Soviet soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the [siege] of Stalingrad.
03. The army lay [siege] to the airport where terrorists were holding over 500 passengers hostage.
04. After six months under [siege], the village had run out of food, and the people began to starve.
05. The Parliament Buildings are under [siege] by demonstrators protesting against the new fuel tax.
06. His immune system has been under [siege] for quite a while as a result of his illness.
07. The government is negotiating with rebel forces in an effort to bring about a peaceful end to the [siege].
08. The governor is under [siege] from his own party, and will most likely be forced to resign.
09. Since her last movie, the actress has been [besieged] with requests from directors to star in their upcoming productions.
10. A few years before the death of Christ, 960 Jews killed themselves in the [besieged] fortress of Masada rather than yield to Roman soldiers.
11. The young hockey player has been [besieged] by contract offers worth millions of dollars.
12. The American army was able to liberate the [besieged] town after a bloody battle.
13. The American War of Independence ended in 1781 with the British surrender after the [siege] of Yorktown, Virginia.
14. Sun Tzu once suggested that the skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying [siege] to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.
15. In the Middle Ages, disease was used as a weapon of war against [besieged] cities.

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